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 King boi Jackpot 7.dek

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Head Admin
Head Admin

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PostSubject: King boi Jackpot 7.dek   Sun Feb 16, 2014 8:31 am

Why herrroooo sexy beasts of lulsacademy
You've seen that new win condition "Jackpot 7" and how trollish it is
however like any win condition it is very hard to get out
I've made 2 versions for this deck a Duston deck and a Draw power deck
I will post the draw power deck now


I made it with Dark scorpion burglars see how it makes you mill any spell card when it inflicts battle damage
and D-boyz are there to make the plays if u have d-boyz and you change burglard control to your opponent's with Shien's spy or Creature swap and you have d-boyz on your side it is a GG
also maybe D-boyz won't be enough if your opponent's have that set D-prison
that is the reason of running scapegoat

Any suggestions, rating, etc i would love to hear :3

Have fun and don't eat people
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Terra B. Adams
Terra B. Adams

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PostSubject: Re: King boi Jackpot 7.dek   Sun Feb 16, 2014 8:56 am

Seems veri legit, would love to see in action p.p
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King boi Jackpot 7.dek
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